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How do we learn Maths?

Big Maths and Little Maths

At Swinefleet Primary School, we have Big Maths and Big Little Maths sessions. These sessions help us to focus on the number facts we need to know throughout our maths and help sharpen our mental maths skills. These are quick sessions and one of our favourite activities involves playing the beat teacher when recalling number facts.

Look at Miss Bishell-Wells' Big Maths session example to see what these sessions look like. There is also an example of one of the progress drives that the children use when learning to read numbers and the Big Maths characters.

Maths methods

Look at the document below to see the methods that we use within our school.

Times Tables

Each week the children practise their times tables. In key stage 2 the children undertake an epic times tables challenge against the clock.

At present the quickest score is 144 correct random times tables in just over 4 minutes. I wonder if any of the children can beat this? Keep an eye on the newsletter and twitter for updates.

Bar Model

To help us with our problem solving we are starting to roll out the bar model across school. The model is used in Singapore and is already proving successful in Sapphires class in helping them to visualise problems. Look at Miss Bishell-Wells' example PowerPoints for ideas on how the model is used. Keep an eye out for examples of this in use by the children.


Miss Bishell-Wells and Miss Parkin have been busy working with other teachers, lead by a member of the maths hub, to look at mastery maths and how to use this within the classroom. They have been using these ideas within their classes looking at how to stretch the children's understanding and challenge them to apply their learning 'outside the box'. Mastery means that they are really testing the children's understanding. Work is differentiated depending on the depth that the children go to. Miss Bishell-Wells and Miss Parkin are now going to work on this with the other teachers and continue their own learning in this new approach.

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