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Swinefleet Primary School has been a part of village life for a long time. The school first opened in 1876 when Queen Victoria was on the throne. Over this long period it has seen many changes.

We are very lucky that we have a complete record of these changes as the log books have survived. They give us a snapshot of the day to day happenings of a small rural school. Many of the entries are mundane but every now and then are punctuated by exciting incidents. Many of the entries shed light on the differences between now and life in the past but also there are many similarities.

I have tried to include a mixture of the types of entry to give you a flavour of our school. Please keep returning to this page as we add snippets from the log books especially as we commemorate 100 years since the start of the World War I. For a quiet rural village Swinefleet saw its fair share of action in this War!

Swinefleet Log Books 1914


Wednesday MaY 20th 1914

School Closed this afternoon for a two days' holiday on account of Swinefleet Feast.


Wednesday 27th May 1914

During the recreation period this afternoon as accident of a rather serious nature occurred. A boy, named Charles Brown of Std III was running in the playground when he slipped, fell and broke his leg. "First Aid" treatment was applied and Dr. Hirst sent for. The Dr advised the boy's removal to the hospital and this course was adopted. I have ascertained that the injury to the boy was the result of a pure accident and no blame attaches to anyone. I have today reported the matter to the Divisional Clerk.


Monday 7th September 1914

Owing to illness Mr Geo R Roberts has been absent from duty today.


Friday 11th September 1914

School  closed this afternoon for Potato Harvest Holidays.


October 23RD 1914

Gave to Stds I, II, III and IV two sums as a test. The results as regards Std I are very satisfactory and show that the tuition to the class is good.

The results in Stds II, III and IV are unsatisfactory and the papers show carelessness and indifference. The results of the tests in Std VI and VII are highly satisfactory.

Std V is steadily improving. Much better and more accurate work is now being done by the pupils of this class.

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