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A Guide to Behaviour and Rewards

At Swinefleet Primary School we believe it is vital that pupils behave well to create the best possible environment for learning and enjoyment. Praise is one of the most important behaviour systems that we use within school and we strongly believe in celebrating each others' efforts.

Below you can see the behaviour and reward system used within the school. These have been discussed and agreed with the children and are displayed throughout the school.


Each child chooses a Dojo Avatar for the year. Throughout the year, they are then able to gain Dojos which they save up to earn prizes. At specific milestones, the children are able to select a prize but they can also save up their Dojos to gain higher value prizes. The school council have come up with the awards for each milestone which includes prizes such as taking over the school for a day. As a school, we believe giving the children this flexibility to save will help them to appreciate that we have to work for things.

Dojos are given for good work, homework, reading at home, spellings and other classroom based reasons.

House teams help build a family atmosphere and the children work in these for special events, sports day and when collecting Swinefleet Tokens. Swinefleet Tokens are given out by all staff members for demonstrating the values expected in school such as empathy and by following the school absolutes.

The three teams (Scafell Pike, Ben Nevis and Snowdon) compete to earn the most tokens. Each week, the team who earns the most tokens will move up our school mountain. At the end of the year, the winning house team will be rewarded with a trip out to Summit. House teams not only include children but also staff members and Governors. 


Celebration Assembly

At our celebration assembly, we are able to celebrate each others' successes. Each week the teachers, in conjunction with support staff, choose a member of their class to be awarded a certificate. Miss Bishell-Wells and the lunchtime staff also choose a child to be rewarded in assembly. Getting a certificate also means that the child will earn 5 Dojos.

House token totals are shared during the assembly. The team with the most Swinefleet Tokens moves up our mountain.

Other certificates and awards such as Mathletics certificates, sporting certificates and even awards from outside of school are celebrated with all pupils and staff.

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Behaviour Consequences

Behaviour Values are an important aspect of school life and were chosen by the children, parents and governors. Our School Absolutes are displayed around the school and everyone is expected to follow these.

If the children do not follow the School Absolutes and Behaviour Values then they are aware of the consequences in place. These act as a reminder and we are proud of our school behaviour.

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