Swinefleet Primary School

Swinefleet Primary School

*Show Empathy *Be Honest *Show Initiative *Be Responsible *Show Respect *Be Supportive

Low Street, Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire, DN14 8BX



Children in Need

Children in Need 2020


Children in Need Duck Race

1st place Quackman and Bobbin

2nd place Quack and Cheese

3rd place Beaky Blinders

Mr Seymour won the Staff Sweepstake

Georgia won in Pearls Sweepstake

Megan 1st Kyle 2nd and Keagan 3rd in Rubies Sweepstake

Summer 1st Jasmine 2nd Vinnie 3rd in Diamonds Sweepstake

James 1st Felicity 2nd Kaillen 3rd Sapphires Sweepstake

A huge thank you to everyone who donated

Diamonds Class Bubble pose for a picture to place in the Goole Times

Members of Sapphires class bubble present the News

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