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Swinefleet Primary Maths Area

How do we learn Maths?

At Swinefleet Primary School, we have lessons that just focus on maths but we also use our maths skills throughout the curriculum.

Examples of times that we use our maths skills in other areas might include when measuring in DT such as when cooking or constructing things. Maths is used throughout science especially when carrying out investigations by recording time, measurements and even recording our data in tables. Presenting findings in science gives us the opportunity to apply our data handling skills and use these to interpret and discuss what we have found out.  In art we can use our knowledge of shape and symmetry to create striking designs. Many people do not realise that when we are reading we can use maths such as when Rubies read 'The Hungry Caterpillar' and count the huge amounts of food the caterpillar eats. Using maps in Geography means that we have to use our knowledge of coordinates and scales. History is another area in which we regularly use maths skills working our differences in time when creating timelines.

How many areas of the curriculum and daily activities can you think of when you are using your maths skills?

As a school we follow White Rose Maths timetable as a guide and supplement our teaching with questions from the scheme. We tailor our teaching to the individual and ensure that children start from their personal starting points. Children are expected to reason and apply their learning and activities are grouped under Apprentice, Qualified and Mastery.


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