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English (Writing)

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English (Writing)

The English Curriculum is delivered using the National Curriculum 2014 and the Early learning Goals are followed to ensure continuity and progression from the Foundation Stage through to the National Curriculum. Children are encouraged to write and read beyond the literacy session, teachers provide as many opportunities as possible for this through themed topic work.


Teachers at Swinefleet teach writing using the 'Writing Cycle.'

Stage 1: Gather

This stage is where children familiarise themselves with the text/media they are studying. They will look at examples (good and bad), gather key and ambitious vocabulary  and investigate the tone and language used in the text.


Stage 2: Skills

This part of the cycle is where children develop the grammatical skills they will need to create their final piece. The skills learnt are dependent on what type of text they will produce, for example if they were planning to write a story, they may learn how to punctuate speech or how to use paragraphs. These skill sessions are a vital part of the writing process, giving the children the skills to be confident writers.


Stage 3: Apply

This stage is where all the children's learning so far, comes together to create their final piece of work. Children are given the opportunity to plan, write, draft and edit their work, through conversations with their peers and being encouraged to read their work aloud.


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