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English (Reading)

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English (Reading)

At Swinefleet, we strive to create a text-rich environment for all of our children which appeals to their interests. All children will be provided with the opportunity to read to an adult in school at least once a week. Children will also hear a class book read to them where possible by the class teacher. Our pupils are encouraged to read books from home as well as different text types; fiction, non-fiction, poetry, comics and magazines. As a school we also promote the use of ‘On Screen’ texts to support reading, too, in whole class sessions as well as independent tasks, across the whole curriculum.

All children are encouraged to regularly borrow books which follow our Twinkl Phonics Scheme. Once children complete the programme they are free to choose their own reading books through these are colour coded to provide further support to the children in choosing ones that are suitable. 

Guided Reading takes place daily throughout the whole school and this includes developing key skills such as inference through a wide -range of texts and even songs. 

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Reading for Pleasure

All staff are encouraged to read a range of children's texts so that they are able to discuss and recommend books to the children. Our library is very well stocked and we aim to update this regularly listening to children's requests and keeping on top of new releases so that there is something for everyone. Miss Bishell-Wells has a group of children who are eagerly awaiting her views on the latest Sophie Anderson book. 

Each class is read to each day to simply enjoy a book and on a Friday adults move to another class to share a text. Staff 'sell' their book in an assembly and children sign up to which group they would like to join (this is currently having to be adapted to class groups due to the Covid situation). 

Our school library was created during the holidays as a wow moment for the children. The children enjoy exploring with their torches hunting for the different book links. 

Each classroom has a reading area so that children can enjoy reading in comfort. Most classes have a comfy chair, cushions or even a sofa. 

Reading at Home Information and Resources

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How to use borrow box with your library card

Using your library card you can borrow books online with no late charges. These include audio books and magazines. Have a look at the video below for further information. 

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Logging Reading On seesaw

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