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Your Views

Your Views

Here you will find anonymous comments and suggestions/concerns from our families.

We love to share your positive comments which show how great our school is.

It is important that any concerns are shared as this helps us to continually improve. Here is the place where you can see what we as a school are doing to address these so that we can move the school forward together.

Thank you in advance.

What makes our school a great place

It is great to have all the diary dates in advance. This really helps me as a working parent to plan ahead. (10.03.17)


Well done to all of the children at Swinefleet School! Your manners and attitude towards adults and other children are amazing. One child in particular has shown such wonderful manners to myself. (27.02.17)


-Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we strongly agree. I have fed back your comments to the children and the child highlighted has received Dojos and a token. It is great to hear that our children show the school values we promote even when in the playground before school. Thank you.

Miss Bishell-Wells (Headteacher)


I really liked the letter informing us of our child's progress. This was really helpful to know as a parent. Thank you. (January 2017)


Communication is better. (November 2016 - Parent Coffee Morning)


What do you think to the new format of our books? - They are very clear and show the children's progress (Autumn 1 Parent's evening)


Space Week (Parent's event) - Fab ideas. All the children were so excited. The children are a credit to the school. (November 2016)


Huge improvement in books and lots of work! (Autumn Parent's Evening).


Very happy with how my child has settled into her new school. She is very happy with her classmates and prefers this school. (Autumn Parent's Evening).

I am happy with my child's school work and behaviour. (Autumn Parent's Evening).


My child is really happy to be here and enjoys his time in class. (Autumn Parent's Evening).


I am really pleased with this report on my child. (Autumn Parent's Evening).


I am really pleased with the progress my child is making. (Autumn Parent's Evening).


Both Mum and Dad are generally very pleased with my child's progress and the school overall. (Autumn Parent's Evening).


Mum and Dad are really pleased with my child's development in school. (Autumn Parent's Evening).


I am pleased with the way my child has settled and the progress he is making. (Autumn Parent's Evening).


Parents are happy with my child's progress since last year. (Autumn Parent's Evening).


Really pleased with child's progress and effort at school. (Autumn Parent's Evening).


My child is now a keen reader at home. (Autumn Parent's Evening).


Seen improvements in child at home too. (Autumn Parent's Evening).


Happy with my child's development. (Autumn Parent's Evening).


We are happy! (Autumn Parent's Evening).


Happy with the changes. Happy with the progress my child is making. It is good to have SPAG and Spelling results. (Autumn Parent's Evening).


My child is happy in Diamonds and is doing well. (Autumn Parent's Evening).


My child has improved over a short time. (Autumn Parent's Evening).


Fantastic teacher. Thank you for helping my child come along so much in such a short space of time. (Autumn Parent's Evening).


It is good to see that things appear more organised and there is good communication. (October 2016)


My teacher and headteacher are the best ever. (October 2016)


My two children (Years 3 & 5) really enjoy school. They like their teachers and are doing well at school also they think they have the best headteacher. (October 2016)


Lovely to see the improvements that have been made already. (October 2016)


Miss Bish is the best Head Teacher ever! (October 2016)


The team who teach my child are a great team and my child has had a great year with them. My child thinks they are fab!


Fantastic teachers you should all be proud of your hard work.


The teachers do a great job and they should feel very proud.


My child's reading has really improved.


My child really enjoyed Paralympic Day and told me all about what he had been doing. He wanted to watch the Paralympics when he got home. (09.09.16)


Comment from a recent supply teacher

A lovely, caring learning environment with fantastic working staff and engaging kids!

I love teaching here!

J.Rohsius - Education Network Supply (26.09.16)

Concerns and suggestions

  • Parents to be informed of topics that children are doing so they can help them.
  • List of learning apps which can be used to support learning. Can children have more than 1 book and put maybe 3/4 in a week? (February 2017)

- Thank you for your suggestions. Parents should have received a topic overview at each half-term for the next topic so I am sorry this did not happen in your case. To avoid any future issues all topic overviews are added to class pages and checked by myself. A new area has been put on the website under pupils with websites to support the children and I am currently working on an app list. I have spoken to class teachers about reading books and the children, to ensure they know where to place them to be changed - please let the teacher know if this is not happening. Thank you for bringing this to my attention as many other parents may well have had similar questions.

Miss Bishell-Wells (Headteacher)


  • As a parent it would help if toast could be paid for in advance for the term (November 2016- Parent Coffee Morning)

- Thank you. This is something as a school we never considered and we agree that it would help parents so this will be put in place from the next half-term.

Miss Bishell-Wells (Headteacher)


  • I think my child should have less homework (October 2016)


- Thank you for sharing your concern. We give homework to reinforce the skills your child is learning in school. Homework should not fill up too much of your child's time. SMIRFS and spellings should be 5 minute bursts. Further homework should take a maximum of 30 minutes a week and if it is taking longer then please speak to the class teacher or myself. Homework can really benefit your child but should not be at the expensive of relaxed family time. Please come and see us if you are still concerned.

Miss Bishell-Wells (Headteacher)


  • It would be nice if the Nativity was opened up to more year groups (November 2016 - Parent Coffee Morning)

- Thank you for this suggestion. This year we have decided to keep Rubies doing the production as Diamonds and Sapphires will come together to do the end of year production. We also aim to hold events like Swinefleet's Got Talent which will be open to all children.

Miss Bishell- Wells (Headteacher)


  • I think more T.A's in classrooms would be good (End of last academic year)

- The Governors work hard to ensure that staff are placed where a need is identified. Next year, we will continue to have T.A's in classes but will also have staff who work with small groups or even individuals to ensure that we are meeting the needs of every child.

Miss Bishell-Wells (Headteacher)


  • There should be more events that involve parents (End of last academic year)

- I agree and this is something that we will ensure happens throughout the year. Plans are already in place for a Christmas Fair in partnership with the FOSPS and at the end of each topic we want to invite parents in to showcase our work.

Miss Bishell-Wells (Headteacher)


  • "Communication needs to be improved so that we have time to organise things." (End of last academic year)

- Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we agree.  I aim to keep parents and families up-to-date and have already released dates for the first half-term events. I will continue to send home dates and add them to the website as they are available. Parents' nights are being held in week two so that you can speak to the teacher and I will be available to chat too. Staff are more than happy to discuss your child, see them or arrange an appointment through the office. Remember to keep an eye on our weekly newsletter and Twitter account. (07/09/16)

Miss Bishell-Wells (Headteacher)


  • "My child has had a lot of different teachers this year and this can't be good for the children." (End of last academic year)

- Thank you for sharing your concern with us. Unfortunately, this was a problem during the last academic year which the governors were working hard to resolve. This year there is an experienced full time teacher in each class. The class who experienced this now have a permanent teacher who has already worked at the school last year and is well known by the children. Please join us on our parents' night (15th September) to see what the children have done already this term. (07/09/16)

Miss Bishell-Wells (Headteacher)

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