Swinefleet Primary School

Swinefleet Primary School

*Show Empathy *Be Honest *Show Initiative *Be Responsible *Show Respect *Be Supportive

Low Street, Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire, DN14 8BX



Helpful Apps

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Helpful Apps

Try this link to find educational apps which are chosen and tested by educators. Some have a cost so always check with parents. Remember never use the Internet without permission.


These are some of the apps that we use in school

  • 10 Minutes a Day Times Tables - Dorling Kindersley

  • Build a Body:Biology Systems - InViVo Communications inc.

  • Early Words - Reading Sight Words in Key Stage 1 - Bertrand Mazieres

  • Tickle - Program Robots, Drones.. - Tickle Labs Inc.

  • Pyonkee - SoftUmeYa

  • Kodable-K5 Coding Curriculum for Elementary - SurfScore Inc.

  • Daisy the Dinosaur - Hopscotch Technologies

  • Bee-Bot - TTS Group

  • Hopscotch:Learn to Code Creatively and Make Games - Hopscotch Technologies

  • ScratchJR - Scratch Foundation

  • TinyTap, Create & Play Educational Games - TinyTap Ltd.

  • WordBubbles! - Apprope

  • Appacus Times Tables - Matthew Nieuwenhuys

  • LEGO Movie Maker - LEGO Systems Inc.

  • Mathletics Student - 3P Learning (Children have all been given a log-in for this as it is a subscription app)

  • Times Tables Quiz! (Multiplication Trainer) - Padadaz

  • KS2 English Revision Quiz (for ages 7-11) - A1 Apps Limited

  • GarageBand - Apple

  • iMovie - Apple

  • Squeebles - Key Stage Fun

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